Customer Testimonials

I used NO1 Melbourne to deal with our termite problem at my workplace, and was very pleased with the results. The problem is now solved.

– Hunk Taylor, Yarra

Hello, just wanted to say thanks for getting rid of the ants that had invaded our home over the weekend. Pleased to say that everything was done in an organised manner. We will certainly recommend you again. Thanks

– John Moore, Parkville

Andrew and the team are great, highly recommend. Arrived on time and helped me understand what caused the termite problem and how it can be solved. They did their work and cleaned the whole place after they were done. I was very impressed and will use you again.

– Martin, Carlton South

I had pest control done on Friday 17th May 2016 in my Parkville home. The service was good despite the delay due to traffic problems. I think my termite trouble is now over. I’m terrible with names, but the guy with a hat and his beard friend explained what I wanted. They did a good job and left no garbage behind. The company should also make time to reward good performance and service. They just nailed it.

– Clara, Parkville

Your customer service was just okay. I was well attended right from the phone call to the service delivery although the technicians came 30 minutes late which is still reasonable.They knew what needed to be done and acted professionally.

– Gregory Fids, Brighton Road

Today, a technician from your company attended my house for termite treatment and ants spray. I am humbled to thank you for the excellent services from Jones and Andrew. They did some good work. Please pass on my appreciation to Andrew and Jones.

– Maryanne, Montmorency

Thank you once again for your prompt and efficient service.

– Frank Linton, Green Hills

We had a great problem with ants in our home in Yarra. Since NO1 Pest Control Melbourne attended, the problem is gone. They left me well informed with simple cleaning and proper waste disposal tips. Thank you once again.

– Steve winer, Yarra

We have a small home in Rossana that was recently attacked by ants. We had to call NO1 Melbourne for help, and they came, accessed the home and gave us a close quote. They tackled the problem and within two days, they were done. We are happy and thank you for the services.

– Jane and Adam, Rossana

Very professional, well informed and knowledgeable about my bug infestation that turned out to be termites. I didn’t expect the service to be very affordable. They saved me a lot of money.

– Craig Winder, Green Hills

Our grandmother house was infested by ants and we had to call for help. No.1 Melbourne can and assessed the situation before embarking to work immediately.Their price was reasonable. Grandma and I are happy for the quick response and help.

– Carly Logan, Ivanhoe East